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30-04-2004, 14:14
My boyfriend is studying half through May and is registered until the just the end of the course, but we won't be leaving until the end of June. The university simply refuses to register his visa for any longer than the period he is studying.

We had the same dilemma in Dec./Jan. when he was thinking about not studying the spring semester. Paying extra, as someone proposed, does not work - the only solution was to continue to study.

Now they say he needs to pay for another three weeks of tuition for them to register the visa the time he needs. And right now, this is something we just can't afford. Is there anything we could do? As I understand, the only one who can register your student? visa is the inviting institution. Is that right, anyone heard anything else? And again, what might happen if he shows up at the border control and the registration is expired?

(He also found out today that they would give him a whole new visa, since they have decided to provide students with multi-entry-visas - which sounds great, but it doesn't change our dilemma, though...)

30-04-2004, 14:17
call these people www.etg.ru ask for Anatoly Golybin, he will tell you about your options

Andrews Travel House
30-04-2004, 15:21
Yes, it's true that only inviting organisation can register a student/business/commercial visas. But you could try to get a hotel registration, which is possible for a maximum of 30 days.

Jet li, Anatoly Golybin is no longer with ETG ;)

30-04-2004, 20:45
Hmm... How do one exactly go about trying to get a hotel registration? Any ideas?