View Full Version : Has anyone gotten a helicobacter test without endoscopy in Moscow?

04-05-2008, 10:20
I had the endoscopy (awake!) to diagnose helicobacter and now I need to do follow-up to make sure its gone. I heard in the states there is a fecal matter test they do now to test this and my parents (doctors) want me to do that because they have (justifiable) hygiene concerns. Anyone ever done helicobacter test without endoscopy here?

katia mcewen
06-05-2008, 17:39
You have actually three non invasive ways to search for helicobacter pylori: a blood test, a feces test and a breathing test. I just don't know if they are available in moscow....
Where did you get your exam done ?

17-05-2008, 14:37
Right! I got my first endoscopy done at American Medical Center--didn't bother to find out if they can do something else, its so expensive. I decided to try the clinics covered by my insurance though and none of them do anything but endoscopy. My boyfriend's mom clinic does breath but I didn't get around to it before I went to see a doctor I thought could do breath. I think I need the stool test because one doctor I just saw (thinking they could do breath test but they couldn't!) told me I need to wait 6 mos for breath test. So basically I am having the hospital I have insurance through in the US send me a little cup, if anyone does the stool test here, I can't figure it out.

17-05-2008, 15:38
EMC does the stool test for sure. I'm just wondering, don't they all....? I mean it's pretty basic.