View Full Version : Where to find: treasure hunt, quiz, dance lessons

03-05-2008, 13:52

Would anyone know where to find the following in Moscow:

(1) A treasure hunt

E.g. you are given a series of 20 or so cryptic clues, you start somewhere e.g. Red Square and follow the clues which lead you around the centre until you end up somewhere. Either a professionally facilitated hunt, or a nice one that someone has drawn up and could be copied! Of course, I realise that we could be creative and invent our own, too.

Audience: Mostly Russians, mostly Russian speakers, all English speakers

(2) Quiz

Is there anyone who acts as a quizmaster and could present an evening of mixed Russian- and international-themed questions?

Audience: Mostly Russians, mostly Russian speakers, all English speakers

(3) Dance lessons

Does anyone know someone who provides individual, extremely basic dance lessons for someone who does not dance at all - i.e. the basic steps of basic dances.


03-05-2008, 13:54
A treasure hunt sounds like oodles of fun!!

04-05-2008, 10:04
if anybody organise that,I want to play!it sounds like a great idea!

05-05-2008, 12:45
Blimey! It's your lucky day.

Do you like Murder Mystery as well? Search Google for MM in Moscow you'll find the details ok.

There's also a small business in Moscow which can organise your 3 things.
:uk:The manager speaks English and Russian and knows about the British obsession with pub quizzes and treasure hunts - and dances cha cha, salsa too.

Please PM if you need more info. :uk: