View Full Version : What's the best TEFL deal for teachers in Russia?

30-04-2008, 22:57
What's the best TEFL deal in Russia. I have this one from tefl.com

RUSSIAN FEDERATION: MOSCOW REGION (Solnechnogorsk, Istra) [FastView] 29 April, 2008
SUNHILL SCHOOL (MOSCOW region) is searching for...
Sunhill School

SUNHILL SCHOOL (MOSCOW region) is searching for native certified and experienced DOS(conditions by request) and EFL teachers from September 2008. We offer: high local salary ( from 1200 USD with fixed exchange course ); paid work visa and registration; paid holidays; bonus system; air flights compensation, transfer from/in airport; free comfortable accommodation very close to school; comfortable time-table with 24 academic hours of teaching and 3 free days per week; free Internet at school; home atmosphere at school (Солнечногорская школа иностранных языков (http://www.sunhillschool.ru))

This was found in Tefl.com search vacancies, in Russia and there are others, but not as good. Bcause they are also offering comfortable accommadation , visa support and only 24 acadimic hours of teaching a week. Can anyone find a better deal. With such deals they may well take over the mac-schools .

01-05-2008, 00:00
Sorry, I got i wrong, and where where was I coming from. Sunhill are in fact offering the lowest income, infact below rate legal wage allowed in the UK for anyone. Accomadation when requesting somoene to move to another area is considered part of the job, and nothing to do with income.

They are in fact paying monthly when I thought weekly, due to such a low offer. They are in fact paying Ј150 per week, of which the toilet cleaner and the street sweeper would laugh at.

So we still need to find this higher bidder, as I haven't found one yet.

Thomas Stwalley
26-06-2008, 13:47
You do not want to work for this school. I worked there is 2007. The class sizes are MUCH too big, and the administrative staff does not care - they only care about $$$. Also, they currently have only 2 native English speakers - and one has no teaching certification or credentials. You will make no money there. You say you don't care about money and want to experience Russia? Then go somewhere else. The town is so small I couldn't even find guitar strings there! It is dead boaring - and I grew up on a farm! Moscow is a much better choice-it is a teachers market-the demand FAR outweighs the supply. You can pick and choose your employeer. Within 5 months of living in Moscow, I was able to gather enough students to start my own business and earn over $5000 a month. Don't be misled my all the bad comments about Moscow on the internet. I never lived in a city over 1,000,000 before (and Moscow is 12,000,000 +), but I have adapted here quite well. Life is rich here and full of opportunity. After what the staff and other *!**!!!xxx employees did to me there, they are lucky I am not detailing there immoral conduct on the internet. Be advised - stay away from Sunhill School.

02-07-2008, 22:54
I still haven't found a school with a decent professional deal in Moscow. So am I to assume they don't exist.

Any 10s around :):10806: