View Full Version : Spring observations - Join me in reveling in the season

30-04-2008, 22:11
WOW. Now that Spring is in full swing, this city suddenly seems much more livable. Green sprouting at every corner, flowers in bloom, sunlight forever (those of us used to living much closer to the equator find light at 21.00 a bit strange). I won't mention the dust, etc. lest I sound like a curmudgeon.

Speaking of which, what's with the spring outfits? I'm no slave to fashion, but I have seen the most outrageous outfits. Things that make me ask, Were drunk when you got dressed this morning? Purple tights, with short boots, and some weird excuse for a mini-skirt. Clashing colors . . . (Do you want to give me a hangover?) I'm chalking it up Spring enthusiasm. After all, if the natives came to Florida, I'm sure they'd think we pretty much looked like bums! :)

Proper Bostonian
01-05-2008, 10:05
Wait until you see the summer outfits!