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29-04-2008, 22:52
Few days ago I had been in Tretyakov Gallery.
There is an exhibition of works of Toulouse Lautrec -
and it is absolutely fabulous!!!!!!
I got so many impressions about him as a personality, about his works, which are very artistic and bright and about France)))
Strongly recommend to everyone - you should visit it someday!!...actually exhibition is open till 11th of May)))
And I would be glad to join you as well, if some group will decide to go^^
We still have almost two weeks:)
Tickets for Russians - 120r and for foreigners - 240(?), but to be honest - we could always pretend that we are all Russians;)
There are about three halls with his lytographies and you could take audio-guide(but only on russian)
Hope you will not miss it))))

NB: be sure that you go to the left wing of Gallery - not to the main entrance, as exhibition is there.....))

06-05-2008, 22:20
Actually he is fabulous!

Whatever you do being in love with 'green fairy'! -)))

:inlove: Welcome, one more in our rows of fans of MR ;)