View Full Version : SOS!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP!!! Begging like a dog

27-04-2004, 13:18
I never thought I would ask for that, but you know, my English sucks and time is running out at the moment.
Can anyone make a translation (about 10 lines) Russian-English for me? It's really urgent.
I'm embarassed, but never mind...

27-04-2004, 14:04
Thanks to everyone who replied to my cry for help:)

I want to pay a special tribute to Surok, who translated the document in a great and precise way ( it took her minutes!) and saved my ass!!!

Surok, thank you! :)

27-04-2004, 14:10
:( I didn't even get the chance to help..:) I offered :( boohooooo

27-04-2004, 14:17
And I'm very grateful for that, Len...

also want to thank sevan and Fa-Q (surprise! surprise!) for offering help.

Love you all :)

27-04-2004, 14:37
:( sorry, not good enough, appology should come with a tongue ;)