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28-04-2008, 21:08
So I think I am going to go to Russia on a Student Visa while me and my husband apply for my temp res permit. I am just confused about a couple of things with this type of visa.

1. Some schools call it a 1 year multientry visa but when we spoke to the school they made it sound like it would have to be constantly renewed and that I would have to apply to travel even within the country?

2. Does anyone know if I will need to buy a return ticket or if I can just pick up a one way?

Thank you

29-04-2008, 05:37
you dont have to apply to anyone or anything when you are actually in russia - unless you want to go to a restricted zone, which there really arent any reasons to go there.

29-04-2008, 09:19
You cannot leave Russia without permission, you need an exit visa. If you do leave Russia without an exit visa then your student visa is cancelled at the border.

You do not need permission to travel domestically.