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Ned Kelly
26-04-2004, 20:46
this may seem banal for you business types. but how does one search out investors to back a project? and once one knows who to go to what sort of level of detail is required in a business plan?

i'm thinking of biting the bullet and starting an english-language publication. i've got a reasonable amount of money myself buy would certainly need some backing.

where to begin?


26-04-2004, 20:50
Good question, it is not to difficult to get investors, but your BP needs to be spot on, you need to spend decent money on this and it will help the investment sourcing massively, drop me a PM if ya need more info


26-04-2004, 21:19
Plus don`t ever go near venture capitalists, Ned. As Len says, if the business plan is PROVED to be spot on, you`re minimising the risk and showing a potential investor what they want to see - (nearly) guaranteed profit. VC`s want a huge cut of the cake and a controlling interest. Most VC capital`s disappeared now, however. Bank`s out unless you have collateral - the point is no one ever lends money they don`t think they can get back (by siezing your property if necessary) - so when you DO find investment, you`re always going to have to rely on the business plan to show you can keep paying on the nail whilst making someone rich enough to take the risk - hopefully minimised.

Ned Kelly
26-04-2004, 21:47
dave, i managed to stay awake through that entire post. that means i'm desperately interested in the issue.

anyway, the business plan is the rub, i guess, the market we're talking about is corrupt and lacking transparency. i'm trying to work out how you could assemble something that adds up and is believable.

26-04-2004, 21:52
Originally posted by Ned Kelly
this may seem banal for you business types. but how does one search out investors to back a project? and once one knows who to go to what sort of level of detail is required in a business plan?

i'm thinking of biting the bullet and starting an english-language publication. i've got a reasonable amount of money myself buy would certainly need some backing.

where to begin?


You might want to begin by putting together a "pilot issue". I'd be glad to help provided the circumstances and type of publication are right.


26-04-2004, 23:06
Ned, get a copy of Publisher from the kiosk and then you`ve got some mates here who`ll write for you for $0. I`ll even cut my Tolstoy like output down to journo length pieces. No problem at all.

26-04-2004, 23:25
Ned Kelly
why worry with a business plan and investors?
Some of the best business ideas have started from home in a small way without the risk of large capital investment, which has to be repaid and/or investors kept happy.
They are free to grow organicaly. You will also have complete creative freedom.
Its about content, if the substance is there it will sell, its not about presentation.
Reminds me of those guys who started VIS way back and began flogging it round the pubs of the North East.
I'm not preaching....................just food for thought.
Good Luck

26-04-2004, 23:32
There was an English language publication a couple of years ago, Capital Perspective. It went under. The guys are still in town though. You might talk to them.

Ned Kelly
26-04-2004, 23:33
trebor, agree completely. but i need to employ a few people, without question, and need some wonga for that.

honestly, i don;t see how the idea would stand the rigour of a business plan, yet i'm pretty sure it would be a goer.

thanks for the thoughts.

Ned Kelly
26-04-2004, 23:35
jd, a sort of improved version of that is what i'm thinking.

26-04-2004, 23:40
Another one seemed to pop right into where Capital Perspective dropped out. Only it was a toy for some rich Russian's wife. Don't know if its still around or not.

Ned Kelly
26-04-2004, 23:46
haven't seen that.

cp was going the right way i think: business, culture, feature sort of stuff that allowed you to get your teeth into things. i just think they didn;t have the editorial/translation and product positioning completely sorted; the paper quality was also so high it must have cost a bomb.

not sure if there was other behind the scenes stuff.

27-04-2004, 03:54
" i'm trying to work out how you could assemble something that adds up and is believable." - Lie. :D

27-04-2004, 04:02
Another point, Ned, is that in a lot of industries, the way it works is that someone uses a VC to get set up - to make the first steps, get the connections. The VC demands huge rates of return or a controlling interest in the company, because..... at any point, the option the business owner has is - liquidate, having made all the contacts, start up again with own capital, minus the VC or using another contact he`s made in the interim. "Someone in the industry" is your best bet. Some friends of mine in London struck it lucky designing free newsletters for the FMCG trade - a company paid `em to produce copy for an online magazine which`d be interesting to people in the FMCG business. This was distributed free - friends made $2500 / month off that one letter (paid by the main company) and now own 5 newsletters making a similar profit. It`s all possible. But stay clear of anyone who`ll lend you money without expecting you to have collateral they can sieze if something goes wrong - there`s no such thing as a free lunch.

Ned Kelly
27-04-2004, 07:33
i appreciate your enthusiasm dave.

27-04-2004, 07:49
CP was actually printed outside of Russia which for some reason was cheaper and higher quality but they had to go through hell every two months getting it imported into Russia. I thinnk their biggest problem was that they were under capitalized.

Ned Kelly
27-04-2004, 09:06
hence the need for a decent level of backing.

27-04-2004, 10:12
Ned, count me in ...got bugger all money .....

I feel a lager in the offing to figure out what direction - agree re CP 100%

If you could get a cross between Time Out / CP / Square Meal - I think you'd be onto a winner ...

Ned Kelly
30-04-2004, 08:19

03-05-2004, 23:56
Ditto what Random says - willing to help operationally and ideas-wise in any way I can - unfortunately, no capital to put into it...

Ned Kelly
04-05-2004, 14:25

Many thanks for your kind words, encouragement and thoughts. Just to make it a little clearer, Ned actually is a journalist and can do or oversee much of that side himself.

His troubles lie in where to go or who to approach in terms of raising money and how to make a coherent case to investors (upon finding them) when dealing with a corrupt, non-transparent market that would almost certainly undermine the credibility of any business plan.

Thanks again

Ned Kelly
04-05-2004, 15:08
Just to clarify my clarification (doing well here).

The idea can definitely work, it's just hard to make the case in a business plan (yes, I know that's contradiction:p ).

All creative input will be warmly received but there's not much use before finding investors!


07-05-2004, 11:48
This is a ruddy sound Idea! I must confess I too have no idea about who to approach but surely to god some western style companies must have a thought about it. Given that you are an Aussie Ned K and a compatriot of Rupert M why not simply front up cold to someone like that. Would take large gonads of course, but these people like that sort of stuff and if you have the thing all mapped out in your mind it might make sense to them. And if you're a journo you may well know others.

Ned Kelly
07-05-2004, 12:07
alas, he's an american these days, though his first newspaper was in my home town.:p without wanting to be too negative, i think rupert would probably be more interested in svobodny kurs in barnaul than ned's moscow project - the former would certainly have a higher circulation.

sneegler, word of advice, get a new avatar matey. the one you have now looks ***** gay.

Ned Kelly
07-05-2004, 12:21
sneegler, apologies, if you do bat for the other team then that is a fine avatar;) didn't mean to insinuate anything, was just trying to be helpful.

now, where is that multi-millionaire with faith in ned's genius and is prepared to back him?

07-05-2004, 14:40
Perfectly OK comment on the avitar, old coq. No I dont bat for the other side (and have in the past consider large tattoos on the cheeks of my backside saying - Wrong Way Go Back [was absolutely fascinated by how to the point they were] - just like australian road signs, before coming to the conclusion this would be rampant homophobia and that if others chose to be homo then who the hell was I to comment) Only chose the avitar from a list and now that you mention it it does seem to me that one could read that I liked wearing string singlets and listening to pet shop boys cds. Yes I see that Rupert M wont be having News meetings in Adelaide any more but surely there must be others who would readily bite at the idea. what about an english speaking printing/publishing company looking to give itself a bit of presence in the land of Muscovy. I also understand that Hong Kong printing firms may be the way to go and that in the world of print they are cheap at the moment. Just ideas. I'll change the avitar to something more testosterone laden and mull it over some more.

Ned Kelly
07-05-2004, 15:00
again, good thoughts. usually these sorts of groups want to get into the local language side of publishing as the market is far larger.

again, sorry about the avatar comment.:shame:

07-05-2004, 16:16
Sneegle? is this who I think it is? I hope you dont mind my butting in here, but I reckon that while the Hong Kong ers (or any other publishing companies) are going to want to make some dollars out of publishing in the local language, there may well be some out there who are thinking to themselves that the russian english speaking market is going to grow, and to some extent it will actually be propped by russians wishing to get things printed in english, so if theres a vehicle on the ground for something like this there may be an angle there for "Ned Kelly's Home Beautiful" or whatever. and depending on what sort of rag/magazine/bible it is intended to be perhaps that is the sort of sideline/mainline you could put to potential backers. (the access to the rapidly expanding need for english printers with a foot/toehold in Russia). More Ideas?

And I dont know how to tell yu this Sneegle, but i am still getting the faint whiff of tent pegs from your current avitar. You better go back to the drawingboard

Ned Kelly
07-05-2004, 16:40
braganza, drop in as you please, say what you think: the more the merrier. and if you want to lob a couple of insults, feel free, this is ned's thread and we like a good stoush here.

honestly, i don't see much reason for a foreign printing/publishing company to want to come in here through "ned's good housekeeping", i think they'd want to be working in russian.

but, i'm pretty much prepared to try anything.

07-05-2004, 17:27
Now I must say I am interested. Having read a little more closely over the threads I think there are some sound ideas there.

Who/what is target market?

(expats? english speaking russki? western businesses?)

what do they want from it?

ordinary expat punters kept informed on what is happening in "Neds world of moscow"?
angliskii speaking russki on trends big news items and commentary from english speaking world (and these guys like their english speaking world more than they admit) - food business sport (real sport coverage not like Moscow times) movies? literature? holiday destinations (I find that most of the russians I meet want me to plan a holiday for them in Aust) all sorts of stuff/classifieds?

exposure/product placement for businesses? IN russia/Moscow business, businesses outside Moscow/Russia who want to be here or get toe hold?

they have in exchange?

advertising revenues? magazine costs?

What is target product? glossy/gritty/breezy.

How do you get it to the punters? Newstands? subsription? free?

I dont know these are just my thoughts (I am doing an MBA off campus from Aust but I am no businessman). But I reckon if you have clear answer to some or even all of these in your mind then maybe the pilot issue is the way to go just to get a feel for who may be a taker. I still reckon that you would find a lot of interst from the number of russians who need to get scentific/technical articles printed in english for other reasons (and I have a lot of experience with the scientific world where nearly all serious papers need to be put into english) would find it mighty convenient to have a vehicle (depending on the style and angle etc) to publish things in angliskii.

They're my initial thoughts, sorry if I am restating the obvious. I now need to accompany my wife to Suzdal. Ill check back in next week.

Ned Kelly
07-05-2004, 17:42
i have answers to all of those questions and i guess should put it all down on paper. braganza, why can't you say you're a bored oligarch who'd like the prestige of seeing the nedster succeed in a great project and will toss half a million my way.:p

07-05-2004, 17:51
Because I am a relatively wealthless Australian who left a well paid perfectly decent job in a part of the world where there never really was a hassle in the world and all I ever worried about was whether the beer would be cold and jokes fast, simply to be with one of the local women.

Ned Kelly
07-05-2004, 18:24
well guvn'r, you're not the first and probably won't be the last (the russian chick thing). i know what you're saying about aus. i went back in december for the first time in nearly five years. what a bizarre place, so free and easy. but nowhere near as exciting as old mother russia - unless you call an alan jones/john laws stoush exciting.

good luck.

10-05-2004, 11:58
It would seem to me there are some avatar Nazi's around here. I have been thinking this matter over some more and there may be some sort in if you worked back to front. I mean what if one got in contact with any business types in the english speaking world (and I would even accept Australia as being part of this) who do, or want to do, business with things Russian and find out what they may want out of a magazine or newspaper carrier in Russia (or are you talking only Moscow?) and set about working from that end, I think that possibly the TNT mag in London would be a good example of this - free for the drang and sturm and paid for by advertisers only with the difference that if you can get enough decent content into it you would make it somehting that the local Russkis would want to get into (and I think there are more that read english than talk it) maybe even make it 'cool' or 'naff' or 'shit hot' so that the younger set feel the need to be seen with it in their possession. Another thing you may wish to think about is classifieds (in the Australian -The Age and SMH - sense of the word, I think there may be room for advertising real estate in an english language publication). Holiday Monday thoughts, thats all. I will now consider my avatar again I suppose.