View Full Version : Need to buy Office for Vista. Alternatives to Gorbushka?

25-04-2008, 13:53
I need to buy Microsoft Office for Vista. Are there any alternatives to Gorbushka which are located in the northeast (Prospekt Mira area)?

25-04-2008, 15:45
any version of office will work with Vista - the latest is called Office 2007, but 2003 and XP versions of Office work fine as well...

Savyolovsky Rynok is another place to look, but I wouldn't say it is particularly easier to get to than Gorbushka.

You can also have a look over at The Pirate Bay (http://thepiratebay.org/search/Office%202007/0/99/0) as well

30-04-2008, 15:00
td is absolutely correct. from mira to savelovski is best.. if you go to alexseevskia metro you will get the free mini bus that takes you there. also the pirate bay will find it. alternatively i wonder if i could mail you a version 2007 from torrents (pirate bay) i have full 2007 and all the extras like visio, project and groove. you will also need to use power iso to open these. power iso is a tool that sees the image created as a copy. ye si have the power iso too but if you are not feeling comfortable with this method savelovski market