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22-04-2004, 14:20
Is there anything that can be done on the site to elimnate double avatars? i.e. when someone chooses an avatar it is eliminated from the possibilities until such time as a person changes to another avatar? There are a few avatars that seem to be more popular than others and get chosen quite frequently -- mine for instance -- and I find myself confused when I think, say, rantandrave has written a message, but it's just some other dude with the Clockwork Orange avatar.

I realize that creating my own avatar is a solution to this (and perhaps what this duradskaya systema is trying to encourage), but some of have "jobs" where we can't play around in photoshop all day. (ok, I am just lazy)

22-04-2004, 14:30
You don't need to play with Photoshop! There are lots of sites you can download avatars from. Takes 15 seconds.