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Proper Bostonian
18-04-2008, 14:38
Does any know if there's an online application form for TRP (заявление о выдаче разрешения на временное проживание) that can be filled in and printed? I have the physical form, but they give so little space for some things (all family members with addresses, for example), it'd be much easier to fill in on the computer where one can adjust font sizes. All I could find was an HTML version... Thanks!

18-04-2008, 16:20
NO NO NO: you must use an original blank, not one got on the net. The format is 2 A4 sheets together that can not be just stappled. Ask your FMS 2 or 3 blanks, that is all.

Proper Bostonian
18-04-2008, 17:21
My FMS one anketa. I made copies. It is possible to do copies exactly like the original anketa (book like) which is why I thought I could type the required info, then xerox it, then put original signature in ink. It is possible. Oh well.

18-04-2008, 23:11
Our local FMS suggested that we copy the form into the computer, type in the answers, print and sign. You will then have a copy for yourself.

Proper Bostonian
19-04-2008, 08:54
That's what I'd like to do, Tony. How to do this? If I scan the anketa into the computer it will become a photo image which I can't fill in. Any technical advise from anyone?