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Democrats Abroad
20-04-2004, 15:02
US Democrats Abroad Russia will be holding a meeting downtown this Sunday April 25th in the afternoon. This will be an informal meeting and all are invited to intend. Topics for discussion will include the US 2004 Presidential Election, US and Russian politics in general, and group organisation. We will be having the new Chief of American Citizen Services from the US Embassy, Mr. Robert F. Hannan, as our guest speaker to talk about the services and functions of the embassy, American Citizen Services. and the Voter Registration Drive for 2004.

We will also be conducting voter registration/request of absentee ballots for all American voters for the 2004 Elections. For exact time and place or for further information PM me.

23-04-2004, 17:47
Will Hannan be answering questions about visas etc.?

24-04-2004, 17:57
can this be a bit more vague...we are meeting somewhere at sometime...oi i friggin need to register!!!

25-04-2004, 17:55
Mr. Robert F. Hannan, by proxy , Bush appointee. I love irony. Cannot wait to choose between rich kids. Sign me up!

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