View Full Version : Family visa for max. 5 years

14-04-2008, 12:36
Hello my friends,

About the new rules between Russia and Europe it will be possible to get a visa for 5 years when you have family in Russia or in Europe.
For my wife it is possible to get easy a multi visa to travel to holland, but......... when I want to have a multi visa for 5 years the OVIR and the russian consulate told me that they know nothing about this "new" rules.
Has anybody a idea how I can handle it now?

Thanks and best wishes,


14-04-2008, 22:56
I am not aware of a five year Russian Visa and in my experience, 13 years in Moscow and annual trips to renew visas, the Russians have their own procedures regardless of the European Community. Your only option is to acquire temporary residency status, there are plenty of threads here to explain the process.

Good Luck!