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18-04-2004, 20:41
We are a family new to Moscow and the Patriarshy Pond area and would love any advice/info. on dry cleaners, where to buy fresh produce, place to eat in that area. Would appreciate any information! Thanks

18-04-2004, 22:21
Dry cleaners - well, they all stink - just find one that does not ***k and you will be OK. Nearest supermarket to you is Perekriostok in Tishinka complex, about 500m from the Garden Ring on the other side; then there is Eliseyevskaya Gastronom on Tverskaya, which is a pretentious wannabe food hall, but does have great fresh fish. There is a dry cleaner inside the Tishinka complex; have never used it, though. Places to eat - plenty of choices from American to Lebanese.

19-04-2004, 07:56
The dry cleaner in Tishinka is okay, but I think they're a little more expensive than Diana. I really have had no problems with Diana other than a few missing buttons and a couple of really surly clerks, but that's just normal here, isn't it?

There is an outdoor market that has good produce near the pond, but rumor has it that it will be turned into more apartments soon.

20-04-2004, 20:37
just take a stroll through the neighborhood, and DO go through arches and walk around the inside courtyards (just make sure you do it in DAYLIGHT). it's a great area and lots of places to buy food and to eat out.

21-04-2004, 16:08
We seems to be neighbours. It's about a year we are here in Moscow so discovered pretty much around here. Please don't hesitate to PM me.
There is a lot of deleivery services here in Moscow. I use them a lot. Perekrestok is a nice supermarket, but you are able to visit it only by car, since it's in about 20 min. walking distance from The Garden Ring & it's not easy to carry heavy bags on the way back. Actually there is other supermarket nearby called Kalinka Stockman (at Smolensky Passage, near by Ministry of External Affairs, Smolensy subway station). It's pretty much expats' oriented.
I widely use internet supermarket called Service77. Their web is www.service77.ru. The deleivery is free if you order for more than 1000 rubles. Plus you get 5% discount if you order at their lucky hours or use someone's name as recommendation during registration. The quality is the same as at Perekrestok. So we order heavy staff like juces & groats, milk potatos, onions etc from this internet supermarket & visit Perekrestok only for fresh meat (You can get frozen meat, like chiken etc. from service77 as well). Well, it's in Russian, but it has the photos of all products plus the possibility to save the personal basket, so if you spend some time to create such basket (perhaps with the help of your Russian friends) then next time you go in, you just choose this basket & make the order. Well, I find it very usefull.

Besides there is a free internet access for shopping:
number to be dialed from your computer: 504-1111
login: openwww@cnt
pass: openwww

You have to make some easy manipulations with your Internet Explorer settings. At Tools - Internet Options - Connections choose settings for this new (shopping) connection & type in for proxy server & 8080 for port. Also select " Bypass proxy server for local addresses". That's it! Enjoy your free internet for shopping. No internet cards, nothing! The list of websites allowed to visit through this dial-up, as well as above mentioned instructions, can be found at www.openwww.ru

Good luck!

22-04-2004, 14:20

The famous supermarket "Sedmoy Continent" has an English version of their delivery service page now.