View Full Version : Getting my Harley From L.A. to Moscow

09-04-2008, 22:57
Hey Guys,
Can anybody help me on how to get my bike shipped here, from California?
Are there specialized transport companies, who put it in a crate and deliver up to my address in Moscow? So that I dont have to go myself to helsinki and drive it all the way to Moscow?


10-04-2008, 00:36
there are definitely companies who deliver such service. I can ask my friends who bought cars in States and had them delivered to Moscow.

cookie monster
10-04-2008, 19:56
You might want to consider how much the russian taxes might cost for the Harley!
Am sure there are alot of international moving companies, and you can always ask for a quote. Should you choose a moving company, to cut on cost you can ask them to send it via LCL (crate).

10-04-2008, 20:02
WOW. You must really love that hog! Helsinki to Moscow sounds like it could be a pretty cool road trip!

11-04-2008, 10:52
My advise as a biker in the UK - leave the HOG there - buy a ural or something similar here - the riding season is quite short and is quite frankly very frigging scary.

I've riden a bike here once and will never do it again - there is no point in rushing to heavens door.

Apart from the taxes on import - re registration every 6 months (you're not russian are you so - you'll be registering yer bike every 6 months) unless that rule changed.

Most people have car's / bikes/ lawn mowers registered in someone elses name and then drive it under a POA.