View Full Version : bus moscow-helsinki???

14-04-2004, 17:21
my incredibly cunning budget trip home via helsinki has gone a bit tits-up. the train to helsinki is faaaaaaar more expensive than i had thought (3300 roubs cheapest ticket one-way), the moscow-tallinn-helsinki or m-petes-helsinki route wont quite work out timewise.

anyone know of a moscow-helsinki bus or have any other cunning ideas???


Billie Bob
15-04-2004, 09:49
there is a trip from moscow to helsinki.

I live next door (almost) to a scandinavian travel agency, and a year ago they advertised a bus trip mow-hel r/t for $35.00. that was a winter time fare.

so I'd suggest either contacting a scandinavian t agency, or wait till winter comes again.

11-07-2008, 00:02
I am in the same situation. Thought I would save a bundle flying out of Helsinki - then discovered that the train would cost almost 7000p return.

So here is my suggestion: Take the overnight train to St. petersburg - you should be able to find a cheep fare for under 1000p each way.

There is a bus that leaves peter every day about 19:30 [ 25 euros each way ] that will bring you into Helsinki at 6am.