View Full Version : Urgent Help Needed with my Ferret

08-04-2008, 20:11
Hello to all! I'm in a bit of a stitch with my ferret, Max. We're leaving to Italy on the 11th of April and coming back on the 15th. Just 4 nights, and I have no one to take care of the little critter! Is anyone willing to pet-sit General Maximus? Another problem would be that we don't have a car, and his cage is pretty big, so... ummm... maybe you could come pick him up?? *Heh*

Am willing to pay a wee sum to whoever is willing to take care of him, of course. Let's say, about 20USD a night, and of course, we'll provide everything from food down to litter. You would just have to bear with a little bit of a musky smell, play with him a few hours of the day and cuddle him a little. He doesn't need to run around much, you can let him run around your house (but only if it's safe!no balconies he could escape out to or wires/electrical outlets he could run into or even sofa bed mechanisms he could get caught in) for less than 2 hours (he needs the activity) and the rest of the day he'll be more than happy to sleep! Do let me know if you're interested, you can message me privately!

08-04-2008, 20:31
I feel for you! If I could, I'd help out. Unfortunately, I don't think my cat would like your ferret. Also, I'm out of here for a week on the 12th.

Take a look through this thread, http://www.expat.ru/forum/pets/65399-pet-sitting.html, there are a number of links that might be helpful for you. (Nothing really refers to ferrets, mostly cats and dogs, but you never know.)

Any neighbors you're with whom you might be on a friendly basis??

Good luck!!

08-04-2008, 22:59
Dear elis, thanks so much! I have just emailed Olga Morozova (from the link you sent me), hopefully she will be able to help out a little. Although our neighbours are lovely people, it would be a little difficult, as they have cats (and dogsssss) also. Hopefully a solution will pop up soon! Have you found someone to take care of your little cat? Thanks again!