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Proper Bostonian
08-04-2008, 11:08
I'm freaking out! Fellow Americans, please tell how you ever accomplished getting your criminal records check. I will receive the results from my last medical tests on Thursday & theoretically would be ready to apply for my temp. residency, but I'm having a horrible ordeal receiving my apostilled criminal record.

To begin with I twice had myself fingerprinted at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow only to have my prints rejected both times due to poor quality. I lost an incredible amount of time & money DHL'ing my prints to the States & waiting for the FBI to respond (negatively). In January I unexpectedly had to go to the States for a funeral & had my fingerprints scanned at my local police station. Finally, success. My fingerprint card was returned with a stamp saying "no record". Since the FBI does not apostille documents, I sent my stamped prints to the State Dept. for an apostille. Yesterday, my father received my mail from the State Dept. stating "the document must be apostilled by EACH state in which the document is being executed". What the hell does that mean? This is a federal document which indicates I have no criminal record anywhere in the USA! That would seem to imply I'd need an apostille from each of the 50 states. Of course, it's a form letter & I will be calling them when they open later today, but I need to vent & perhaps get a bit of sympathy.

Americans, what has your experience been with this? How did you accomplish getting an apostilled criminal report from the FBI? When I started all of this in Nov. I applied for & received an apostilled document from the state of Florida saying I have no criminal record, but that document also clearly states that it is not a nation-wide records search. My local FMS will not accept this as being sufficient proof that I haven't a record.

I really thought all the medical exams and documents required of my husband would be a nightmare, but so far they've been easy other than the time involved. I was surprised that I really didn't encounter any lines at the clinics I was assigned to (southern region of Moscow). TB test has been worse than the others as it involves 3 trips - once to get a chest x-ray, next day to deliver a urine sample and have blood taken & 3rd time for results which I'll get this Thurs. VD & shrink/narcotics were easy.

I started my med tests as soon as I knew my fingerprints had been approved figuring getting them apostilled would be easy. Obviously, I was wrong. Any advice? Why is this turning into such an ordeal? I really wanted to submit my application before the May holidays. Existing visa runs out in June so I suspect I'm looking at 2 news visa runs. Is it really possible to survive all of this? .....

08-04-2008, 11:19
You have all my sympathy. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to help.

I wonder if you (or your dad) could contact one of those companies that do background checks for employment and see if they might be able to help out.

It all does seem really complicated. Hope someone can give you a decent answer.

11-04-2008, 04:30
Did you send them to the West Virginia state department?
I call them and they assured me that they had no problem apostilling fbi fingerprint cards. I just sent mine last week so I don't have them back yet. I will let you know when they get here.
I am sorry you are having so many delays.

Proper Bostonian
11-04-2008, 09:24
Thanks for your support Elis. After a few phone calls the other day I found out about sending fingerprints to WV, CA Angel. Wish the FBI had told me that to begin with or had it posted on their Web site. WV Sec'y of State's office was very nice when I called & said they would probably notarize & apostille fingerprints the day they receive them. Hope to submit all TR documents before May holidays.

Thanks everyone!

15-04-2008, 08:19
I just got my fingerprint card back from West Virginia secretary of state. On top of the fingerprint card they attached a notary statment saying that it was an authentic fingerprint card. On top of that they put the apostille page. It is very nice, formal with a big seal.

Bostonian I hope you get yours back soon.

Proper Bostonian
15-04-2008, 08:25
Thanks for thinking of me CA Angel! My father received mine yesterday & am expecting to receive it via DHL in next couple of days. Then just have to have it translated & notarized here. Received my final medical spravka yesterday so I'm now very close to being ready to submit my application. Expect to do so before the May holidays barring any unforeseen difficulties. Suppose it's premature to say hurrah until application has been accepted, so for now only a min-hurrah!