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07-04-2008, 23:56
Hi every one. My name is Leo, Im Roxys brother..

Die rzte are quite a popular punk/rock band in Germany. The only band in the world whos name starts with an Ĕ 

They've been around since 1982, very successful in Germany.

Their songs(All in German) are really funny, that is if you can understand German. But theyre still quite nice to listen to even if you dont know a word German. (I've got a fluent german, so I'd be happy to translate some of their songs)

It was the first music band that I really listened to (that was way back when I was 8 years old,)(now 20)
And it's been my favourite band ever since. (Mentioned in my introduction)
They really had a big influence on me I listened to them on a daily basis.. Awesome stuff.

I was really amazed to see a poster advertising their first (and only) concert here in Moscow!!!!


It's on the 17th of May 20:00, set is in a small club,
APELSINCLUB | , , , , -, , , , , , - (http://www.apelsinclub.ru/show.php?event=549)

It's located here,: (only like 50 meters away from my uni :) )
м. Краснопресненская / м. Улица 1905 года, ул. Малая Грузинская, 15
15 - Google (http://maps.google.ru/maps?f=q&hl=ru&geocode=&q=%D0%9C%D0%B0%D0%BB%D0%B0%D1%8F+%D0%93%D1%80%D1%83%D0%B7%D0%B8%D0%BD%D1%81%D0%BA%D0%B0%D1%8F+15&sll=55.768474,37.568972&sspn=0.004333,0.021265&ie=UTF8&ll=55.764261,37.571504&spn=0.004334,0.021265&t=h&z=16)

Tickets are quite pricy, 1200 rubbles...

Some of their songs:
Deine Schuld (Your fault) One of the best songs they have (watch to the end, gets funny). The songs goes roughly: Its not your fault that the world is like it is, its only your fault if it stays that way..
YouTube- Die Ärzte - Deine Schuld
One of their new songs: Lied vom Scheitern Quite funny clip..
YouTube- Die Ärzte - Lied vom Scheitern
One for the girls: Mner sind Schweine Men are pigs, very funny song. My sister always used to listen to it, It was the first song that I can remember hearing, in my life ..
I typed out a rough translation
goes like:
Hello honey, I love you, you are the only one for me, you are special, so now get undressed  its getting late, its getting dark, a word of warning Men are pigs,,, dont trust them my child, they all only want the one thing, theyre all the same. Hell lie to get you to sleep with him and next morning he wont even know your name. They dont know what feeling is, .. so girl you have to know, all men are pigs with no exceptions They promise eternal loyalness but are gone the next morning. But if you do make the mistake of marrying one then hell mutate into a beast, drinks beer watches tv, becomes fat, burbs and furts in the bed,,, then you have king kong as a husband, so thats why Im telling you Men are all pigs.. Dont trust them,.. They are all after the one thing They are blind to true love be carefull of them. Men are like cars without a reserve wheel.. exc
YouTube- Die Ärzte featuring Lara Croft - Männer sind Schweine
One of their Classics Unrockbar which translates to Unrockable , it goes: Ive tried everything, but you are simply not rock able.
YouTube- Die Ärzte - Unrockbar

Please let me know if you are intrested,
Feel free to pm me, ask any questions Every ones invited... :punk:

08-04-2008, 20:47
hi leonidas,

also just saw it yesterday and was pretty amazed to see the poster - i will go there for 100 % sure as i have still a CD of them in my car :celebrate::mml:

saw them 2 times live in vienna few years ago - and the are really rocking onstage.

08-04-2008, 22:16
!!!! ^_^

Welcome on board...

Btw, you gave my sister those waffles,

Thanks for those, they where very nice.

13-05-2008, 16:42
Any one else fancy comming??????

Len Ganley Stance
13-05-2008, 17:12
Fact : Best punk rock band from Germany are.......................

13-05-2008, 18:25
i have been to one of their concerts in germany a couple of years ago. it was amamazing. wouldnt mind watching them again! isnt it sold out yet?

14-05-2008, 18:52
I just called them (14/4/2008 18:47), Tickets are still available. And the lady told me that there are quite alot left.

if any one else is intrested to come, just pm me.

Die Toten Hosen are the 2nd best Band in the world :9451:.... :irule:

Personally, i believe it's up to the induvidual. I really like die Toten hosen, and i don't State that they are better or worse, I just say that i like Die rzte more than Die Toten hosen.