View Full Version : Any Ex-Pats living in Moscow have contacts in Enlgland

07-04-2008, 13:34
it maybe a long shot but can anyone help me?

Unfortunately I do not have anyone currently living in the UK to pay my fee for the Access to Information Report (criminal records check) and it seems that banks here in Moscow do not issue money orders/bankers draft, well not the banks I am with anyway. Is there anyone in Moscow with relatives in the UK?

It would be much easier for me to give someone the cash here in Moscow after which they could then have their contact in UK buy and give a postal order to a Police Station on my behalf..

Of course I am able to provide all my personal details to marry up the payment to the application... Can anyone help me out? Other wise it would mean an expensive trip back to London just to buy a Postal Order..:confused1:

If there is someone that could help me out please pm me...
Thanks in advance Ray:

Getting the views, but no responses so it seems like a trip to old blighty in May...:(