View Full Version : Where to buy drying rack, outlet adapter

05-04-2008, 20:43
I'm looking for advice on where in Moscow to buy a drying rack (for laundry) and an adapter or something which will allow me to plug appliances with the new thicker plugs into outlets made for the thinner plugs.

Stores near the center of the city would be preferred.



05-04-2008, 21:01
any Market , not a supermarket for food should have it ...IKEA ASHAN should have them ...even area Rinok should have these items

also try internet shops, but them may have you wait all day for delivery

Transparent Theatre
05-04-2008, 21:21
What you really need is a Veshevoy Rynok. There's a big one adjacent to Petrovsko-Razumovskaya Metro. That's if you just want a cheap one made in China. Of course, you can probably pay four times more for a designer one if you really need one ;)

06-04-2008, 23:16
try the MVideo store on the ring road going clockwise from the junction with Prospect Mira, they have a large selection of household goods.