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05-04-2008, 15:50
Hi everybody, just thought that I owe you lot an update on Moscow restaurants as, having returned from Moscow on Tuesday, I have found some useful info.

I just wish to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Moscow. It was sunny, people were so warm and helpful... Did you know that there was a Russian lunch at Renaissance Hotel last Saturday? Caviar and all ... ever so gorgeous... They have Bierstube with great burgers and beer! Trust me!

The best fillet steak and chips in Moscow you will find at the Night Flight Restaurant. Home - Night Flight - night club Moscow nightclub bar disco restaurant Moscow (http://www.nightflight.ru/)

Upstairs at 8pm there is no spicy looking crowd. The meal was just perfect and as good as you'd find in a good restaurant in Paris. The atmosphere was great, the service was quick... the steak was 100% medium rare as asked.

On a negative side, one other restaurant we went to was Genazvale na Arbate. Never again. If the cheapest out of the two wines offered costs you RUR 4300.- and the chicken 'shashlik' is cooked from bony chicken wings which you try to cover with fridge-COLD sause... They can trully find other idiots who'd return and leave them a good reference. Total rip-off... The place also looks unclean on the way into the restaurant, grotesque... it was grey with smoke on the first floor, so I don't know what the decor is like there... upstairs where we sat... neutral colored walls and simple furniture... sorry, but I have better decor in my kitchen... Total rip-off IMHO.

06-04-2008, 12:42
Come on!
There are many other places around Moscow where to eat great fillets and steaks.. like Goodman.

Forget Night Flight!

06-04-2008, 13:07
Yes, with paying 2500 rub and more for a steak, for sure we can find many places.

Transparent Theatre
06-04-2008, 13:56
I wouldn't patronise a clip-joint hooker-house like Night-Flight on principle. Worn-out old craphole from the early 1990s, but I expect whorehouses that serve food will always find a market :(

Genazvale Na Arbate has interior decor recreating a Georgian village, so I have no idea what place with "neutral colored walls and simple furniture" you went. I can't say I like Genazvale particularly and the food is overpriced, but the quality of it is ok if you are forced to go there by invitation of friends etc.

27-04-2008, 03:11
The best steak I've had in Moscow, in fact, probably the best steak I've had anywhere, is at El Gaucho. I've been to the restaurant they have at Mayakovskaya, and it's spectacular.

Just take some financial advice before you go.

Transparent Theatre
27-04-2008, 06:21
Has anyone tried any of the new "Danny's Steak House" places which have opened-up in the last 2-3 weeks? I see one is already open at Dom Kino on 2-ya Brestskaya (Metro Mayakovskaya or Belorusskaya), and another one is due to open imminently on Triumfalnaya Ploschad' (the big square at Mayakovskaya, which is habitually referred to as "Mayakovskaya Sq", but in fact isn't) in the former building of the PEGAS Electric Cinema?

I'm a vegetarian myself, but people often ask me for restaurant and cafe recommendations.

27-04-2008, 13:30
Yes, with paying 2500 rub and more for a steak, for sure we can find many places.

Over a hundred dollars US a steak? Ouch! I can do better in my own kitchen, however, it does not come with the women of which I am told are extra...

Regardless, I would be there to eat! Big fat prime rib steak and some potatoes for the required proportion of daily veggies. Bottle of Merlot and if dining with someone? 2 bottles. I must have my required dose of anti oxidents.

Billie Bob
14-05-2008, 18:38
actually, Night Flight is quite good with their restaurant. they only hire swedish chefs, and they manage it well.

I havent tried their steaks here, but at scandinavia, Ive always enjoyed it. (same company-owners, Hawkins)

actually, I think the first business lunch I had in Russia back in the early 90s, was at night flight too... and they were great!

I dont think goodmans is any good, Ive had my share of quality problems there a couple of times...

gaucho is great and thanks to Gabriel who knows his meats well!

Transparent Theatre
14-05-2008, 18:47
they only hire swedish chefs, and they manage it well.

a very different picture of Nightflight to any I have seen promoted!

YouTube- Swedish Chef - Meatballs