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03-04-2008, 16:52
Has ony taken the train to Warsaw recently?

I have a relative who books all kinds of wierd travel over here, mostly for american adventure types. He has a client who wants to train from Moscow to Warsaw. The schedule shows several trains daily, with the shortest being about 18 hours.

Are there "Polish trains" and "Russian trains"?
Is there any difference?
How does one tell which train is which from the schedule?
Do US citizens need a transit visa to take the rain through Lukashenkaland?
Any other advice, other than "take a plane"


Transparent Theatre
03-04-2008, 17:11
visa to Loonyshenkaville - unavoidable :( And only from the Belarus Consulate in USA, or in an EU country IF the passenger has RESIDENCY stamped into their passport there ("right to be in an EU country" is not sufficient).

Alternative - take the Russian-operated RZD train from St Petersburg to Warsaw, it avoid Belarus territory (check routing on Твой Поезд - ж.д. расписание СНГ (http://www.poezda.net) to be certain, however). But remember it's a VERY long way! Warsaw is closer to LONDON than to Moscow, in rail kilometers...

22-04-2008, 01:17
If you have solved the visa probem... then take those trains which have many polish wagoons (the best one is called POLONEZ and leaves Moscow at 19:20). Best time to travel is Monday-Thursday, as only a few people are traveling and here is a big chance that you will be alone in your coupe.
Even as the polish wagoons do have at least 30 years, they are more "European", which means that... for example... your bed is already made, you are getting coffee/tea automatically, you have water in your coupe etc.
If travelling with a Russian wagoon take only the train to Berlin (leaving at 8 in the morning).
The full list of direct trains Moscow-Warsaw (Centralna):
08.00 - 00:46
10.23 - 06:20
19.20 - 11:45 - best choice imho
21.09 - 16.11 (only to Warszawa Wschodnia/East)
Have a nice trip :)))