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03-04-2008, 08:43
I am an American dentist and want to come to Moscow to practice. Do you have the Moscow area dental board contact information and all the details including telephone, address and information on what a US trained/licensed dentist needs to do to practice in Moscow?

I appreciate all your help!!! please help! I've been looking for weeks and can't find anything.

If you can help me, I'll take care of your dental needs once I get out there.

- thanks
Please PM me info XXXXXXXXXXX

03-04-2008, 09:20
when do you plan to arrive ? most official channels here take alot of time ,I will try to get info for you

22-08-2010, 22:51
I've just read your add.
I'm a physician from Kyrgyzstan and I've been certified in St.Lucia (West Indies), USA, and Russia. Therefore I have been through the procedure in Russia and made everything by myself. If you still need contacts and information let me know, I can help you with that. It takes some time to get the certification paperwork registered, proved etc, therefore it may be reasonable to start the process in advance. And they require to take the certification exam prior to issuing the certificate paper. The official paperwork process is "slightly" more complex and complicated in Russia than in the US.
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