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01-04-2008, 21:06
I'm getting it now. Already from the second go! :D
I haven't heard so much 'language' in any other movie, let alone TV series...

I have 4 seasons.... by the time I'm finished, my language will remind you of the fartherst Harlem corner on the NYC map...

12-04-2008, 23:51
Are you enjoying it? I just watched the final (Season 5) episode again last night and realized how much I already miss having new episodes.

13-04-2008, 09:28
Can you explain to me what to enjoy?! I was making myself to watch it every night cause I bought all 4 seasons in the states and feel obligated to work off the money :-)
But seriously, I can;'t get what all the fuss was about?! Black drug dealers and police politics - not really so interesting. Well shot, I give them that, but i'm bored. Plus all the slang and swearing, jeez.
So, no, I'm not enjoying it and wondering what I'm missing?!!!

13-04-2008, 20:26
It's a show that takes its time in developing the characters and story. The first few episodes feel like a lot of set-up, but that slowly pays off as you start to see just how the drug trade works and how the police pursue it. You get honest portrayals of drug dealers. They're not stock villains, but people who happen to be in this world. I'm not sure how far into the series you are, but as Season 1 continues, you learn more about the characters. You see Bodie, the low dealer (he's always wearing the thing on his head) slowly ascend the ladder but remain the same person. D'Angelo and Wallace are clearly men who don't necessarily have the coldness to succeed in the slums of Baltimore, but they're forced to (with very big consequences that I won't spoil).

In terms of the cops, they're not the handsome, clean-cut guys you see on most American network TV. they're flawed, both smart and stupid, but for the most part, they do their part while the higher-ups are constantly pandering to the media and government. As the series continues, you see the bigger picture in terms of crime and race.

I admit that it's a much slower show (especially compared to Lost or The Sopranos), but if you watch the whole arc, or even each season, it's incredibly rewarding. The characters are consistend and well-developed. Plus, there are some smaller moments--like the chess scene in episode 2, where the people in the drug trade are explained as pawns on a chess board--that are really effective.

I hope you can enjoy it!

13-04-2008, 21:05
Ok - I'll not postpone the 'second wind' and will try one more episode tonight.

(I do have a problem remembering all the characters and their actions (esp. with all the slang and unusual subject for me to watch)...

But thanks, I'll continue watching!

14-04-2008, 22:14
It's getting a little better from the Second Season, more dead bodies and more eastern european touch! :fudd:

15-04-2008, 22:33
WHat a cool music in 'Wire'. Need to buy a soundtrack... or is there a place for downloads?