View Full Version : Ukraine changes migration law

28-03-2008, 08:43
I was travelling into Ukraine last week, and the border gaurd surprised me by saying that I only had 22 more days to stay in the country. I asked what she meant, and she indicated that Ukraine now has a rule, like Russia, where a person can only stay in country 90 out of 180 days.

I travel in an out a lot, and on my way out I asked another migration officer who calculated 45 days. In twenty trips, I have not spent more than 25 days there, so clearly, there is a secrete to this calculation.

Now, this was Simferopol, not Kiev, so its provincial, and who knows how info filters to them from the capital.

But, my question for anyone, is it true that the Ukrainians have such a rule? And if so, are there guidlines as to how to calculate the time?