View Full Version : Private invitation visa?

27-03-2008, 18:39
Has anyone tried to apply for back to back 3 month private invitation visas?

As in while you wait for your temporary residence to be processed, get a private invitation visa. When it expires go home and get another right away?

Does the 90/180 law apply to how long each person can be in the country on any visa? Will you have to wait 90 days between private invitation visas?

27-03-2008, 19:40
I have had private invitations between the years of 2007 and 2008, with no problems. I now have my temp Residency.

and I'm certain on reading posts here, and what the Russian Embassy has stated in London, there are still no problems in coming back immediately with a new visa every three months.

In fact many of us members here keep on repeating ourselves on this issue.