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25-03-2008, 10:25
where do I go to buy a second hand car and how much should I expect to pay for say a 5 year old Ford Focus type station wagon?

Is it easy to register it in my name or my husband's name? I will soon have work permit and he will have whatever visa it is that non-working spouses get.


26-03-2008, 02:17
Hi Cupcake,

I have no idea about the price that you will pay. As for registration, it is best in the name of the person that will be driving the car the most or that will have the longest registration in Moscow.

When you register the car it will only be registered for as long as you have registration in Moscow and then it needs to be re-registered each time you renew your registration - if that is every 6 months, then so be it.

As for the name, if it is in your name and the hubby drives it all the time (especially without you) then he will need to get an authority from you to enable him to drive the car, as the registration will not be in his name. The Militsia have a standard form that they use for that (not that you must use it, but if they have a form, why not) and when you register the car, you should be able to find out what it is from them.

The registration process is not straight forward and takes some time (best part of a day if not 2 sometimes) and you will need to speak Russian to get it done. There is also a service that you can pay for, to do it faster for you and save time - usually takes about 3-4 hours that way - costs about 300. When you get the technical inspection done for the car, the person in whose name the car is registered also has to have had a medical test as well - yes that is correct, it has nothing to do with your licence or ability to drive, but is required when the car has its technical inspection.

Good luck.

26-03-2008, 16:41
Awesome info, thanks! Any idea where you buy them from? I have not been herer long and the hours I work I haven't seen much apart from my flat and my office.... so haven't even been able to sllok for a second hand car dealer type place.