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11-08-2003, 18:42
I don't know if anyone but me is very interested in Wifi, but if you look at the resources available here in Moscow, nothing is listed on the Wifi info sites but the Marriott. However, I noted that Wifi is now available in the Timeonline internet cafe down in the Okhotny Riad shopping center. I think it was 70 rubles an hour, which ain't free, but it also ain't $30 an hour.

I'm curious about Wifi in Tallin, since I'm going there soon to get my visa.

Cretin Crusher
11-08-2003, 19:13
Yes - I also noticed that it is available at Time Online; forgot that it was of interest or I'd have posted it here.

Tallinn - Estonia is very connected, so I would guess that it is available - can't tell you where, though, as now that my notebook score is 2 broken and 2 stolen, I don't plan to get another one ;).

11-08-2003, 19:33
I know for sure that the Hyatt is also wired for wi-fi throughout the building. Probably there are lots of unlisted places too?

12-08-2003, 12:06
If you want a list of places with WiFi in Moscow, one (the only?) provider is Moscom. Call them on 785-5858.


29-08-2003, 00:58
Moscom offers broadband wireless internet access, which is different than WiFi. WiFi is a localized wireless connection that can only broadcast a maximum of a few hundred meters (best case scenario if you know your technology). Otherwise it broadcasts a maximum of 75 meters from an wireless access point. In order to use WiFi, you need a 802.11b wireless access card, that plugs into one of the PCMCIA slots on the side of your laptop, to send and receive signals. WiFi networks are usually only available in very focused areas (specifically buildings).

I will have to check out Time Online Cafe, now that I hear they have WiFi ... my access cards are growing dust here in Moscow.

Sigh ... I miss having free WiFi service from all of the Silicon Valley/SF cafes.

29-08-2003, 10:53
Moscom provides broadband AND WiFi - they did the Marriotts, for instance.

30-08-2003, 17:31
My understanding is that ANYONE can do Wifi.

There is no "overall provider" of Wifi. I could get the right equipment and start making Wifi available right here on my computer.

03-09-2003, 00:04
People set up WiFi networks at home in the US. I'm surprised that more offices don't have it here - it's great for meetings where you need impromptu access to spreadsheets, market data, etc. that you can't be bothered to all share ahead of time. ;-) Almost every other coffee shop in the US has it too - you only pay like 40 a month. Damn, that is one thing I certainly miss.