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05-04-2004, 19:23
How much does one pay a nanny in general?
How much for a 3 year old and a new born?
Do people use contracts?
What about sick leave?
What about paid leave?
Is it customary for nannies to have 2 weeks off in May (paid!)? That's what mine's telling me.
What happens if I go abroad for a couple of months to have a baby and want to use the same nanny when I get back? Should I pay some kind of retainer fee?
What do people expect from their nanny in terms of housework/errands?
Meal/smoking breaks- how long?
Use of telephone? Conducting personal business during work hours - views please.
Notice periods?
Sick leave?

Sorry for these jumbled thoughts and questions, but although I'm generally happy with present lady, I feel I'm not being assertive enough and need more information. Can't find too much on the Net about employing a nanny here. I guess I just don't feel in control at the moment (perhaps because of many factors- one being pregnancy and raging hormones!). I'm a fair person and not unreasonable about what I want done, but I don't want to be taken for a ride. I think if you're too nice here, it can be taken as a sign of weakness. Somehow, I think I've overstepped the friendliness boundry and am irritated with myself because I can't ask for things to be done as I could in the beginning. Thoughts please, especially relating to above questions.
Thanks Fleurt

06-04-2004, 09:43

I pay 2$ per hour. It's pretty high rate ( well, for locals)

My son is 5 y.o. and he attends a pre-school , but spends there 4 hours only.
Nanny is looking after him from 12 till 8 p.m.
We didn't sign a contract and I believe you will do that only when you hire someone through agency, which means you will be paying extra fee to the agency .

In my case, there is no paid sick-leaves or paid holidays. In fact my nanny isn't interested in having long hols:)

As for meal and smoking. My nammy is cooking during the day for my child, I don't mind if she eats with him. She is a smoker, but smoking isn't allowed when she is at work.

06-04-2004, 17:06

May I suggest that you just get rid of the person working for you as it sounds as if you are being taken advantage of.
Personally I have not found any "rules" for employing a nanny here, so i suspect it is a bit of luck, or good recommendation.
I have a wonderful woman that works for us who cleans and takes care of my son, actually I found her in the Moscow Times (worth a look).
We pay her much more than $2/hr. (sorry but I think that seems a shockingly low salary, even for a "local" as was said).
There is a woman named Barbara Spier, who puts out a book called Living in Moscow. This book has much valuable info. and useful contacts for helping you out. If you would like information in obtaining a copy the website is info@linvinginmoscow.ru.
Good luck.

06-04-2004, 18:24
Originally posted by meljomur

We pay her much more than $2/hr. (sorry but I think that seems a shockingly low salary, even for a "local" as was said).
Good luck.

I rarely argue, but it's ridiculous.

07-04-2004, 09:58
Re. May holidays - there are 3 official Russian holiday days in May: the 1st, 2nd and 9th. All of these days fall over a weekend this year, so the days off will be the 3rd, 4th and 10th. A lot of Russians will take the whole week off - as most people do, for example, in the UK over the Christmas/New Year period - but all the time taken off (other than the official three holiday days) is counted as holiday time. Hope this helps on that query.

07-04-2004, 12:26
I pay a fixied monthly rate, about 3$ per hour, I pay all hollidays including the summer when the children are away for allmost 3 months. Our nanny has only once taken off two days for sick leave. She has been with us for 5 years now, bless her.

07-04-2004, 17:36

My apologies, I didn't mean to offend you.

07-04-2004, 18:45
I have had the same nanny for almost 4 years, she also gets 2$ per hour, but I don't ask her to do any housework, she and my daughter get on really well so they organise their time together and I give them whatever they need for it. There are HUGE differences between the hourly rates that you get asked for as an expat or as a "local". We simply discuss holiday periods together and figure out what is best for everybody. Usually the reason to hire a nanny, which even at 2$per hour, is more expensive than kindergarten, is to save the family a lot of stress. If your nanny is trying to milk you for all you're worth, probably you aren't getting all the benefits you wanted from the situation.... I had a similar situation before and I just sacked the nanny, the downline was that I was scared that she'd take it out on my daughter.
Good luck!

14-04-2004, 17:38
If she's a real local, i.e. knows no other languages than Russian, $2 is not bad for her, assuming she's working enough hours a week! And remember it could take her an hour to get to work and another hour back, if you're living in the centre and she's not, so if she's working short days it comes out to less than $2 for the entire time she spends with you. Then again, if she works long days and enough of them, it comes out to much more than the average local salary. Of course that's not saying much to us expats. On the other hand, I have a wonderful woman working for me for about that, and I honestly wish I could pay her more, but - honestly - I can't. If I do, I'll have to give up things that are also important to me (and I DON'T mean Gucci handbags or a Chrysler Voyager). I pay her on a monthly basis and give overtime ($2.50), and do my best to give her other things such as clothes, baby stuff for her grandchild (including things like pram and bed, that cost a lot for her but not for me as I don't need them any more)... The point here is not to give me a halo (I'd like one anyway please) but to say, if you can afford more and she's worth it, give more, but $2 an hour is reasonable if she's making $300 or more a month at that rate.

14-04-2004, 17:41
And re holidays - I have found that this is a subject that needs discussing FROM THE START. On one hand my basically socialist soul demands holidays for the staff, on the other my basically egotistic and exhausted body really likes to have them around on holidays so I can have a holiday as well. One solution can be to have them work on the holiday but for overtime. However people do need a break now and then, if your nanny's good she'll be tiring herself out!