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05-04-2004, 17:11
Need a little help or advice from a completely untrained (medically or otherwise), unexperienced, and self-perceived know-it-all ?

Then do I have the folder for you !

Stop by and visit the "Ask Dr. Limitchik" folder.

I will be answering your questions, and refraining from ridiculing you unless its absolutely warranted. From time to time I will plug myself and my wonderful personality traits, but most of the time I will be there for YOU, the expat in need.

Stop by for a free evaluation today !

05-04-2004, 17:17
OOO adverising huh??

You gotta pay me and Lee and marc mage beers ;)

05-04-2004, 21:21
Originally posted by Limitchik
Stop by for a free evaluation today !
Holy ****, Limit, FREE??? AGAIN???
Am working like a dog here, paying our bills and you are entertaining the whole expat community here, and worst of all for free!! Doctor khrenov! :p

COME BACK HOME!!!:wavey: