View Full Version : Howdy fellow expats!

Terry Young
20-03-2008, 12:24
My name is Terry, I've been in Moscow now for almost 9 years and this is the first time I've actually posted anything on this site. I should have done this before!

I'm here in Moscow working with the Good News Church (http://www.mgnc.org). We've been a church since 2000 and have grown tremendously. If you would like to know more about it just ask me or check out our site.

We meet Near Metro Hovoslobodskaya at DK. MIIT on Sundays. Our pastor is American and most of the services are in English, though sometimes they travel and invite Russian speakers as guests.

I'm the International Fellowship director there and work with the foreigners here in Moscow.

Here is our International Fellowship blog (http://terryrussia.blogs.com/international_fellowship).