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02-04-2004, 17:46
Just got this e-mail a couple of days ago, what do you guys and gals think? Is this a scam or a realiable middle eastern business:)

Ref.# : IPL/8521-S/2004
Date : 31-03-2004

Attn : Roman Yoffe


I have the pleasure of brief introduction to you courtesy of your posting at www.expat.ru for Account/Financial Planner. I wish to take this opportunity to introduce my company and explore possibilities for mutual collaboration. First of all, my company is engaged in worldwide trading and manufacturing of chemicals with offices in Iran, Pakistan, China, Mauritius, and Brazil. Please visit website www.ipchem.com for further information.

Currently, I am purchasing synthetic rubbers, carbon black and some other chemicals from Russia through trading companies. It is the desire at this stage to initiate a presence in Russia even at a small scale for purchasing products from Russia plants and sales of industrial raw materials in the Russian Market.

I request you to kindly send me your curriculum vitae. Also your comments/views on how best above stated objectives should be approached/achieved in light of the realities of business in Russia will be highly appreciated. Please advise the role you can play or in other words the exact areas in which you can help us.

Hoping to hearing from you and receiving your curriculum vitae/resume at your earliest convenience.

Best of wishes & regards.

Mobile Tel: 92 333 424 8688

02-04-2004, 17:55
I have no idea who or what this is, maybe it is a mistake, but looks like spam, anyone else get it??

02-04-2004, 18:09
This could not be a mass spamer because this guy actually took his time to get my name from my profile and read the accounting/financial planner thread. However, why in the world would you ask an accountant to expand your business that specializes in petroleum products?

Penguin Snacks
02-04-2004, 18:27
It could be he is trying to get you to do some free legwork for him.

02-04-2004, 18:34
if that's real i'm yuri gagarin and i'm flying with master and margarita over starii arbat... oops! but i am flying! :confused:

02-04-2004, 20:37
Not exactly a scam. ;)

PM me for more details, but these offers from India and Pakistan generally originate from middlemen with no connections. The usual modus operandi is that someone faintly connected to the industry in question ("I think I can get this") tries to find a contact who CAN supply. The letter writer then tries to get a rock bottom price out of which he can make a 5% cut, and THEN goes off to try and find the goods and supplies.

Usually, all that ends up is two middlemen, neither connected to the industries they represent, run around trying to find a supplier and buyer and it NEVER works. ;-)))))

Seen it all the time with diamonds, oil, gas and tobacco. If the poster is real, ask him to supply trade references and a financial instrument. (The nearest these get to financial instruments is a trombone full of rupees.) ;-))))

The internet`s great for making contacts - forget doing business deals over it. Been there, ate the pie, worn the t-shirt.

May even tell you about "LC frauds" one of these days. Seriously, seen it all......

Dave ;-)))))

02-04-2004, 20:40
And if Dr Ahmed would like to post to me off board regarding natural gas, I have an interesting and REAL little proposition for him. As in "I have some interesting friends who are DIRECT to the seller. "

02-04-2004, 21:24
Yes, more of a waste of time than an outright scam. The writer probably has sincere intentions, but knows little about business. Plenty of these petty brokers in the early 90's when I first came; none made a single kopek, but a couple succeeded in wasting a few hours of my time.

02-04-2004, 22:14
Plus, when you look at a lot of sites, which look impressive to the untrained eye, they`re all commodities broker boards with "Post offers" on them. Alas, alack, oi vey, thrice woe... these aren`t the real players, 99% of the time. Everyone knows who`s who in the petrochem game and very, very few buyers or sellers need or want middlemen. Actually, I *do* know a few real people in the petrochem brokering industry, and I also know not to get them out of bed for no reason.

02-04-2004, 22:55
The following are giveaways for this kind of operator:

Synthetic Rubber (this is the one I wasted time on)
Steel Bars
Used Rails

and in the early 1990's:

Chicken Legs

The early 1990's food deals could have ended up as scams; often the middleman was approached by a sleazy Russian gangster who then paid with a phony L/C, leaving supplier and middleman in the lurch.

02-04-2004, 23:02
Other LC tricks - seen this one, RoB ?? Buyer transfers money to account of sellers mandate. Say $300k. Sellers mandate - "mandate", ha, run away - can`t actually get the goods, so he takes the L/C (Letter of Credit, folks) to his friendly neighbourhood corrupt African / Indian bank manager and says, "OK, $300k in the bank for two months, you advance me $10k on a private loan against this, I`ll pay you back AND you keep the interest on the $300k LC for yourself." Sellers mandate then goes off and buys (with the $10k loan) fridges, TV`s, anything he can make a profit on. Meantime, back at the fort, the buyers`going MAD trying to find out where his oil / gold / synthetic chicken legs / inflatable dartboards are - "Oh, problem with suppliers" says sellers mandate, after two months- there`s your $300k back, sorry about that, sorry it took $25k to get the financial instrument issued, never mind, at least we`re still friends, buddies, trading partners ..... want to buy a fridge ? "

02-04-2004, 23:09
Things like that happened here as well - and probably still do in certain circles.