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02-04-2004, 05:30
Hi there folks,

I'm searching for some companies that can provide a good quality maplewood (I've been told that the quality of russian maple is a very good one) and maybe more affordable than american and/or canadian. So I would like to have some info about it, 'cause I'm starting my business in building handcrafted electric and semiacoustic basses and guitars...I already bought other various woods (mahogany, padouk, maple and various other kinds).

Any help will be appreciated.


02-04-2004, 14:18
Hi Robaerus - from what I know, there are all kinds of treaties on the export of hardwoods from different countries. Best to make some enquiries with Russian Customs first.... good luck with the router and may your truss rod always remain rigid. ;-))))

03-04-2004, 00:38
Ciao Roberous

Io sono completamente al di fuori, riguardo all'argomento in questione, per? ? da molto che vivo in Russia e devo dirti che qui ancora si leggono gli annunci su internet con molta diffidenza, l'unico consiglio sicuro che ti posso dare non ? certo di andare a controllare le leggi doganali russe, come ha fatto qualcun'altro, ma di contattare le istituzioni italiane presenti qui, se vuoi posso darti gli indirizzi di certo questo non posso farlo su un annuncio che leggono tutti, ti chiedo quindi se ti interessa di scrivermi a eccli@sendmail.ru. Ciao Massimo

07-04-2004, 06:41
Dave - Thanks for the incouragement ;-)))), I will do my best for that..
Massimo - grazie per l'informazione ;-)

Now I would like to know if someone knows where I can find some website where to look at about this subject (searching thru search engines it gives me results like "horse equipment for cavalry service" !!! (....)...
Again, any help will be appreciated.
Thanks again.