View Full Version : Americans can have 2 valid passports under certain conditions

13-03-2008, 18:05
To make my reply to the question easier to see for everyone I reposted my reply as a new thread. Anyone with additional helpful information is welcomed to reply.

Yes, North Americans from the USA can get a second passport if their first one has an expiration date of less than 2 years on it. I am half Canadian so I qualified my definition of "American" in the question.

If you have a halfway plausable reason for having two valid passports the U.S. Embassy will not nullify your old one. Some good reasons are: 1. That you travel a lot, or 2. That you need to present the authentic passport to enter your business building and your are afraid of being mugged and losing the passport or 3. That your new job requires more than two years of time on your passport to get a job. There are doubtless many more. If you know of other reasons that are accepted please share your wisdom with us.

Hope this info helps someone. Send a PM for my email if you have further questions and hopefully my experience can help you.

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Andy B
14-03-2008, 03:46
I have had two UK passports for a while now. The reason my company gave to the British High Commission was that I was going to be travelling on business to a lot of Muslim countries and also Israel, and that it could cause issues in certain countries.