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07-03-2008, 22:12
Needless to say that every language has a wide variety of verbs (and verbal phrases) which can replace some ‘ordinary’ ones like, say, ‘go’, ‘talk’, ‘eat’ etc

What about a few examples of such verbs given in 'real' everyday contexts? (Real English, James_B, innit?;))

Why not to pick 'go''s 'relatives' for a start?

Please 1) add your examples to the list (the context is more or less fixed on). Something like:

She went to the front door.

She took a few steps towards the front door.
She headed towards the front door.
She slipped off her stool and down the hallway to the front door. etc

2) or just make up any examples containing verbs (phrases) of movement. Something like:

She calmly drew away and got in step with him.
They rushed towards her and came to a halt by her feet. etc

IMHO that might be helpful for non-natives.:)