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07-03-2008, 14:26
My situation - Dual citizen of New Zealand and UK, resident of NZ for 5+ years and haven't lived in UK since the 90s. I have valid passports and drivers licences for both. I arrived in Moscow a week ago on a tourist visa and will be working for a Russian company once business visa and work permit issued. Tourist visa runs out end of next week.

My questions:
Can I extend the tourist visa without leaving the country?
If I have to leave the country, where is the easiest and cheapest to get a new tourist visa and how long will it take?
Are there any rules about how quickly after the visa is issued I can come back here? (I have read about a 5 day rule)

How quickly can I get a business visa and where do I have to go to get it? Do I have to go back to NZ where I am resident or could I get away with going to London or somewhere a bit closer?
Is the 5 day rule applicable to business visas? If so, to all or just some business visas?

What is the 180/90 rule and does it apply to Kiwis?

In your experience, how long does it take to convert a business visa into a work permit? Where can this be done?

This is a serious info minefield and a lot of the info I am finding on the net is very obviously out of date. My company is doing the running around for me, so that isn't my concern, I just want to have some idea of expectations.

(this is how I feel right now) :mooooh: