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King Technoterri
05-03-2008, 22:30
My first visit to Russia was with a 30 day tourist visa from Russia Direct who offer a modestly exspensive, but efficient and effective service. Prices have gone up since then. All subsequent visas were 90 day private invitation visas directly from the Russian Embassy in London. The first two cost 45 and I returned two weeks later to collect it. On the third occasion I decided the exspense of two trips to London and two congestion charge payments was too much and stayed up there and colleced the same day for 90. My last visa I applied for by post and it was returned within five days - 45 + special post office envelope surcharge. I was married in July last year an had to return to UK to personally collect my criminal record (clean) certificate to apply for residency all other checks were carried out in Volgograd. My application was certified for the 19th October last year and should arrive about 18th April this year. All my previous flights were with Aeroflot out of Heathrow. My last trip was with KD Avia out of Gatwick which proved to be my cheapest return flight for 317. Hope some ne finds this helpful Cheers

05-03-2008, 22:37
Thanks good info, but I'm assuming you mean all tourist visas, and not private invitations from Russian friends. For those in UK please check up this site what refers to any type of of visa including tourist visa. The Russian embassy in London russemblon.org