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29-08-2021, 13:46
Hi there,

my name is Irina and I offer professional counseling sessions in English (and Russian).

I have a BA degree in Psychology (2009) and a MA in Professional Counseling (2012). Both degrees were obtained from Lindenwood University (Missouri, USA).

All sessions are online via WhatsApp video chat or any other platform of your choice (Skype, Zoom, Telegram, etc.)

What is counseling?

Counseling is a way to have a professional relationship with someone who can provide support on your journey to whatever goal you have for yourself in mind. These goals are around obtaining a sense of wellness, balance, wholeness, happiness. However, most people come to therapy with one simple goal in mind. They are tired of feeling anxious, angry, sad and like they are about to go crazy. Their goal is to get rid of feeling a certain way.

While they are working on that one simple goal, they usually discover that their emotions, feelings, thoughts, and behaviours start to create a certain kind of picture, structure, pattern.

First, this realization might bring a sense of fear. Because the person realizes that it has been years since they have being feeling a certain way, since they have been engaging in certain behaviours, etc.

However, the fear goes away, once the person starts to gain a sense of underlying reasons. It helps them to feel compassion towards themselves.

Compassion is the first component of a successful healing journey.

Second component is courage.

I use eclectic approach in my therapy sessions. We focus on feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations. We go back to your childhood and look for how your present behavioural, thinking and feeling patterns were created. We work on developing compassion and courage when facing difficulties. We strive to obtain a sense of mindfulness in your daily living.

For inquiries, please, email: irinadolgikh@yahoo.com

Uncle Wally
29-08-2021, 15:43
I'm bi-polar do you have group rates?