View Full Version : travel from Moscow to Irkutsk

11-07-2021, 14:29
Hey guys

I'm traveling from UK to Moscow and I will stay there 2 days and than We will go to Irkutsk, is there are other places to see? Let me know .

Thank you

11-07-2021, 19:17
Baikal lake. It is just 70 km from Irkutsk, Listvyanka village. Etnography museum "Tal'tsy" (Тальцы) on the same way, 45 km. Dendropark in Listvyanka, the part of Limnology Institute. Olkhon shamanic island, 18 hours by boat from Listvyanka. Touristic train trip on KBZhD railway.

17-07-2021, 10:08
Thank you very much. I want to see the deepest lake in the world. I have just google Listvyanka village and Ethnography museum "Tal'tsy" and looks amazing. I have watched guy on YouTube who travel by trans Siberian railway. Every two days he was making a stops at some places. I have only two weeks so I can't go too deep :-)

17-07-2021, 11:07
To be honest, you can fit into 4 days with the program, if calculated and planned well.