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25-03-2004, 18:18
OK, I've just received confirmation from Simple Pleasures that they are hosting another Family Brunch with children's entertainment this weekend, from 11:00 a.m. on Sunday 28th March.

Address: Simple Pleasures Restaurant, Sretenka St., 22/1 (tel. 207-15-21). Metro Sukharevskaya. Parking on street.


25-03-2004, 18:55
thanks for the information. i plan to be there with my 6 month old baby.:)

26-03-2004, 09:16
Ye, sorry I was supposed to do this yesterday.

Gys, this is great for family with kids of all ages, I am gonna get there for an hour or so,


26-03-2004, 10:07
I would like to come and bring my 6 y.o. son who attends BIS. Do you think it would be appropriate for English speaking Russians as well?

26-03-2004, 13:24
Absolutely, there are many different Nationalities, it is designed ot bring together people who may be able to give advice to each other, he is putting entertainment on for the kids :)

26-03-2004, 14:02
No offense guys, but i have deleted unrelated posts, please keep on thread, the familes very rarely get information and I think they deserve a chance without making fun, thanks :)

Ned Kelly
26-03-2004, 14:04
Originally posted by Fa-Q!
Dear Ned,
If that word that you used is insulting, please enlighten me as to it's meaning. I am always in the market for new insult acquisitions. Thanks in advance.
Best regards,

actually it's kind of endearing. sort of a grumpy old bastard.

26-03-2004, 14:04
Families get too much information as to how to spoil other people's quiet enjoyment of meals in restaurants, and this is a great thing that is being organized by SP.

26-03-2004, 14:07
Thanks Bob,

26-03-2004, 14:38
A few voprosy:

1. Do I need reservations for this or can I just show up on Sunday?
2. 11:00am until what time?
3. At 10 months, is my daughter old enough to participate? She can crawl like no tomorrow, so mobility should hopefully not be a factor.

26-03-2004, 18:22
Last time there were all nationalities and all ages, so I imagine your 10 month old will fit in fine!

It's from 11:00 - can't remember exactly when the last one finished, but we weren't the last to leave and I think we left mid-afternoon'ish. Families arrived whenever and no reservation was necessary, as SP just set up one big table for anyone who turned up.

It was well organised and quite relaxed last time - not sure if we can make it this Sunday, though... :(

28-03-2004, 15:24
Thanks for organizing Family Brunch. We had a great time. Hope Family Brunches would become a once/twice a month tradition.