View Full Version : Upgrade of the Forums and the Site

21-09-2020, 21:58
Dear Users,

We are in the process of upgrade of our Forums at the moment, trying and seeing how to make it more user friendly, accurate and modern.

Please excuse all possible inconvenience, please be patient, and we'll try to deliver you something nice soon.

Would you have any suggestions, advice or wishes, feel free to write them here.

Thank you for being with us!

The Moscow Expat Site team

21-09-2020, 22:54
Please extend the time before you are auto-logged out. Right now it is set at 5-10 minutes, which means that when you post it, if you have spent more than 5 minutes composing it, you get a warning screen. At this point, if you do not carefully back up two pages, you lose your post. And the forum software saves only a couple of fragments in its "save draft" function. A new user is frustrated he lost his wonderful words, and does not come back to participate again.

22-09-2020, 05:07
also after post and edit, the time - no more edit- is to short. i know - we- all should think carefully, read our posts over and over again before posting. but it does happen, one thought it was correct, and when checking WIKI or goggle or yuhuu one gets from there also a different opinion or news or reply and answers. go back want to edit, well, your 10 minutes have expired and you either have to add a new post to correct your mistakes, ask admin to delete your post or be left with egg all over your face.

22-09-2020, 08:53
It would be nice if you could click Todays Posts without clicking Quick Links first. Just like New Posts.