View Full Version : very rare? PMS sewing machine for sale.

25-01-2020, 01:13
PODOLSK Maschine factory in the Name of M. I. Kalinin. Hand operated. absolutely in top working condition. apparently one still can buy for it a motor with pedal operating. From the document i have seen it was build still during CCCP times.
our neighbor is -clearing out - cupboards. and i am helping her putting things on the Internet.
She also has a Microwave, SAMSUNG, still made for Germany,with German writing, VERY different material and finish from the thin plastic crap they make now... and brought here. A kitchen combine, electric bread slicer,rolls of new unused wall paper, Phillips Toaster,Phillips big coffeemaker. Still in the original box. And suppose more things that I have not seen. For reasons not understandable to me, these things were bought, or she got them as presents, but into the cupboard and never used... or used once or twice and found to big and cumbersome.

25-01-2020, 16:52

26-01-2020, 10:34

i know that is where i got the prices from. and while quite some stuff has been sold already by word of mouth, AVITO I will not use for selling. they are only cheapskates there...