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22-11-2019, 10:48
When I first got here in the early 2000s, it seemed to me that while job opportunities for foreigners were fairly specific and not overflowing in number, that the relatively low number of people actually looking to apply for them made for a fairly easy job market for applicants. It also seemed that folks that got these jobs seemed to rise through ranks at surprising speed - either at one organization or using an improved resume/contacts to apply at a different organization. Headhunters seemed especially active in recruiting and hunting down folks for expat-specific posts. Now, the number of jobs open to expats seems to be shrinking - but there also doesn't seem to be a lot of expats trying to get jobs here. Has anyone had recent job-hunting experience as an expat? I'm interested in gaining a broader understanding of what the market is doing today - especially for folks looking to come over for entry-level positions...

There is a poll above - and comments below will get greenies (does anyone still care about those?).

22-11-2019, 12:04
maybe one thing one should remember. - back then - it was also prestigious, more or less. for a company to have a foreigner on the job. Because - locals - would use or come or do business with that company more often then not. But soon enough - locals - also found out that not all that came to Russia was as good as the CV said. And in many a case it was expected fro ma foreigner to teach and instruct a - local - to be able to take over. once the contract of that or these foreigners employed was over. Soon also local Management found out that these long business - meetings - did not bring much beside huge bills from restaurants and bars. BUT if you were ´good, worked hard and produced, you also got rewarded. And it is still the same. Though not so much any more. Local companies are also sending their employees overseas to learn a and to return and take over here. I personally think the time for an -Expat - is long over here in Moscow. To me it is just another town like anywhere else in the -West-. Or even Asia. So, it is not difficult to get a job, when you are good,when you produce and can show results. And this point is not shown in your survey. That is why i answer it here.