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29-07-2019, 21:25
to ask about the weekend's protest here in the forum?


I had no idea it even took place since I don't watch the news and my annoyance is reserved for the treasonous invasion being allowed in my home country, the USA! I only heard about the protest because I had joked to my St. Pete student about whether her trip to Paris would be safe, given the constant protests there, and she chortled about HOW someone living in Moscow could comment on protests in France!

29-07-2019, 21:50
Just reading about this a bit right now-
Ren TV posted this video claiming the whole thing was organized with the help of American and Swiss intelligence services:

*Apparently* the fat Moscow city politicians/bureaucrats like their easy money and didn't want to allow other 3rd party candidates onto the ballot, is why this whole shindig was organized.

30-07-2019, 09:54
to ask about the weekend's protest here in the forum?
Not only allowed, comrade, but you can, have and must! ;)

30-07-2019, 22:20
to ask about the weekend's protest here in the forum?

Protest? What protest? ;)

31-07-2019, 09:02
Protest? What protest? ;)

From what I read, about 3500 were protesting with 700 so called journalists reporting on it, in a city of +15 million, much ado about nothing.

The police are being accused of being heavy handed, some protesters had pepper spray. It was also an unsanctioned rally, the other week there was a sanctioned one, no arrests were made, all went well for both sides.