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25-07-2019, 04:46

you might have to listen to a BILLA advertising, then CC comes along all in English langauge with a -live - stream

-The report does not conclude that the president has committed a crime, but it does not release him."This sentence by special investigator Robert Mueller, who for two years investigated the alleged interference of Moscow in the US presidential election campaign in 2016, allows many interpretations. Mueller's survey in the US House of Representatives was expected to be all the more tense on Wednesday.-

and for THAT he needed 2 years, a whole team and millions of $$?

25-07-2019, 07:36
The principle of “innocent until proven guilty“ is suspended, I guess.

25-07-2019, 17:24
The job of a prosecutor is apply the law to a man/woman/LGBTQ who has committed a crime.

If there is no crime, the prosecutor does not say, "Well, we couldn't find a crime, but we think there may be one." This, after 2.5 years, $40 million dollars and 500,000 pages of documents

The media, and Mueller and his minions, have overturned 500 years of legal precedence and civil rights, in their insane obsession to overturn the 2016 US election.

The only charges brought were "obstruction" or "perjury" based on NO CRIME. In other words, a couple of "witnesses" (witness to WHAT CRIME?) could not exactly duplicate their testimony of what happened ("what happened" was not related to any criminal activity whatsoever) on two different occasions. Manafort was jailed because of unrelated "business-as-usual" activities occurring in Ukraine. Mainly he was imprisoned to torture him into lying about Trump.

Now the state (Deep State) holds you guilty of everything until proven innocent.