View Full Version : article: Is Russia Creating A Nazi-Style Army of Genetic Supersoldiers?

06-07-2019, 02:24

06-07-2019, 12:46
Horrrorrrr! :D

06-07-2019, 13:33
I do not think so, these genetic passports can be used and abused in many ways, but they will most likely just sort out those that cant cope with the things/tasks that is required in the military, so if they can see a person have a high risk for heart failure during physical work then they can just as well reject him at the door so to speak, and there is many more things they can judge from these genetic passports, but if they can/will sort them depending on who is Russian (what ever that may be) is anyone's guess, I do not think they can get that much info on a persons mindset, but they may be able to see if they are likely to suffer from depression and a few other brain related things.
It is both very good and at the same time scary what they can use these genetic passports too, the old question is arising, is it inherited, or is it from the environment, that we are the way we are?

06-07-2019, 21:18
wonder why with -everything- the NAZI word has to be used.suppose this is -sexy- and brings more likes and clicks?