View Full Version : King Karl (Lagerfeld) has handed in his Scissors and tape measure

20-02-2019, 08:48

while his fashion shows were always - pomp and circumstances-, that is expected after all from a designer, CHANEL dressed since many years women chic, comfortable, and well, not to hard on a mans wallet. and what would the world be without the -little black dress- created by Coco, where King Karl later became Chef Designer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_black_dress

though his Kitty, and the people who will look after her, will not need to worry anymore where the daily Wagyu beef for her will come from. NO plain KiteKat or Felix for that -Edelcat-.
And - people who were nice to me, or cared about me, will also get a tidy sum. So they will never have to work for a different employer.
Nice touch indeed Karl!Hut ab. Und Ruhe in Frieden da oben!