View Full Version : OF COURSE IT MUST HAVE BEEN THE RUSSIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!

05-01-2019, 07:44

even if further down the scribbles write - apparently with Russian background-. who else could hack the German governments -Internet- for more than a year or two and stay undetected? Mutti Merkel's messages, the data of a commedian, ( who said publicly,nothing much was new that was not kown already). and much more. and it was maybe one man, or a whole group. quite sure they are not of course. Mutti Merkle apparently asked even the NSA for help. Nothing coming forward from the Big Brother either.
Wonder where all the billions went they are all spending? Family DAchas? Vacations in the Maldives? A nice office with LCD TV? a nice company car, a Merc or fat SUV?